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As women aging or as a result of childbirth, vaginal muscles can loosen and skin is stretched out. But there is no reason to be uncomfortable about the way your genitals look.

Vaginoplasty which is known as Cosmetic gynecology enhances your genital area's appearance and improves its function.  Vaginoplasty can restore vitality to the genital area and allow you to regain the tightness. Vaginoplasty procedures can be used to provide symmetry to uneven labia or to reduce large or stretched structures too.  

After Vaginoplasty surgery patients have to pay attention to genital cleaning and must stay away from sexual intercourse after 6 weeks of operation. They can go back home and return to their normal life.  

Some of the most popular types of Vaginoplasty:


Hymenoplasty is a surgical method for repairing the hymen, with is a thin layer of tissue near the opening of the vagina. Sometimes termed "revirgination," a hymenoplasty restores the hymen tissue to the unbroken condition it maintained prior to the first time a woman had sexual intercourse.

Vulvar Lipoplasty

The mons pubis is the rounded area of skin and tissue covering the pubic bones. When there is a fatty deposit around the mons pubis or nearby labia majora, a woman may become very uncomfortable and self-conscious. It may appear to bulge, making her feel less feminine. Vulvar lipoplasty remedies this situation by liposuctioning out the pockets of fat and reshaping the vagina to be much smoother and more attractive.

Clitoral Unhooding

Skin tissue covers the clitoris, but for some women, there is an abundance of tissue. This can result in less sensation and satisfaction during sex. By removing this excess tissue, clitoral hooding can increase your level of feeling and the pleasure you experience when being intimate.

Postoperative care is similar to other genital surgeries with no vaginal intercourse for 4-6 weeks, no heavy physical exercise for 4-6 weeks.  Pain is usually very mild after this type of surgery. It is important to avoid constipation with an appropriate diet high in vegetables, fibre and water.  

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7 Days

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7 to 10 Days


Stitch Out
Absorbable Stitches

Slight (Vary On Individuals)


Pre-operation Prepration

• Stop taking blood thinners 7 to 10 days before surgery.

• Quit smoking 2 to 3 weeks prior to the procedure.

• Say no to alcoholic beverages during the last 3 to 5 days.

• Avoid strenuous exercises 24 to 48 hours before transplant.

• Safeguard yourself against infections, even common cold.

• Avoid caffeinated drinks during the final 24 hours before surgery

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